77th Annual CSSRA · May 31, June 1,2  2024

Entry Rules

All races are Open to any Collegiate, High School or Secondary School in the World. All Contestants who have been in regular Day School attendance for the current School Term, have the certification of the School Principal or Club President and are under 19 years of age on 1st January, of the year of the competition may participate in this event.

  • Two or more entries required in each event to ensure a race
  • A student is considered a High School student, for the purpose of entry into this regatta, once they have enrolled in Grade 9 Full-Time.
  • Only an authorized representative of the School or Club representing a school (but not both) can make entries in the Registration System (Regatta central)for the C.S.S.R.A. Championships.
  • All entries made by a Club that is representing a school team maybe required to show prove that the athletes are all attending the same school.
  • All athletes must be registered on the Regatta Registration System to be eligible to compete,
  • All coaches must be registered on the Regatta registration System only those coaches will receive a coaches wristband. 
  • All entries must be completed on-line on the C.S.S.R.A. Regatta Registration provider no later than Thursday. May 16, 2024, 11:59pm EST
  • Name changes to entries on-line must be made prior to May 22, 2024, 5:00pm
  •  Entry fees MUST be MADE ONLINE by May 16, 2024, 5:00pm.
  • Entries will not be accepted UNTIL a certified school attendance list  (alpha list) with Date of Birth of all participants on School letterhead or Club letterhead signed by the School Principal / Club President and has been filed with C.S.S.R.A. by May 24, 2024 5:00pm.
  • School list MUST be saved as a “PDF” and emailed to the Registration Committee C/O regattachair@cssra.org
  •  The draw will be made public by May 26, 2024
  •  All members of competing crews including coxswains all must wear a uniform that represents the school they attend.
  •  Each school / Club shall be responsible for provision of its equipment as well as conduct & physical fitness of all its competitors
  • No composite crews allowed at any event. All members of crew must be registered and attending the same school and compete for that team only
  • All fees are payable in Canadian Dollars
  • Substitutes will only be accepted from your School’s / Club Alpha List.  Students already entered in two events are not eligible to be used as a substitute.  The maximum number of substitutes that can be use from the alpha list are: 4 for an eight; 2 for a four/quad and 1 for a pair/double.  No substitutes are allowed in a single.
  • A $10.00cdn. fee per name change will be charged for each change made to an entry. There will be no fee for any Medical name change upon receipt of a medical document.

Entry Fees:

Entry fees for all events are the listed below.

Both Rowing Canada and Row Ontario will also add a seat fee to all entries!

Entry Fees
Single $56 Coxed Fours/Quads $94
Double $66 Quads $85
Pairs $66 Eights


Send Certified Schools Attendance list to:
Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association Mail to:

9 Old Mill Road
St. Catharines, ON. Canada L2N 6X1
or E-mail to regattachair@cssra.org


The following points should be noted when preparing crew lists for entry in the online system:

  1. Eligibility: On “Semester” type schools, students must be enrolled and in regular attendance in three (3) credit courses. In “Non Semester” schools, students must be enrolled and in courses for a minimum of six (6) credits.
  2. Competitors must produce photo ID at the weigh-ins and at the dock before launching. Current school year Photo ID or Government issued ID are the only acceptable IDs allowed. D.O.B. not required on School ID.  
  3. All competitors excluding coxswains will be allowed to enter a maximum of two events. Should a School enter competitors in more than two events, those entries will not be accepted. Coxswains will be allowed to be entered into 3 events as a coxswain.
  4. All entries must include birth dates or they will not be accepted: Seniors: Under 19 years of age January 1, year of the competition Juniors: Under 16 years of age January 1, year of the competition
  5.  Semi-finals will be held for all events with 22 entries or more.
  6. Time trials or heats maybe used for all events with 22 or more entries.
  7. All lightweight crews and all coxswains must weigh in each day that they race: See weigh-in rules.
  8. Any crew changes must be approved with the registrar in the regatta office by 4pm the day prior to the first heat of the event.  Crew changes are not allowed in the weigh-in room. A fee of $10.00 will be assessed for each name change.  The fee is due when the crew change is made.
  9. Minimum weight for coxswains – Men’s & Women’s Races 45 kg. See weigh-in rules.
  10. There is no averaging of the athletes in the weight class events.  The stated weight is the maximum an individual may weigh.
  11. All crews entered in draw will be assessed a $75.00 fee for a “no show” or “scratch”. Failure to pay will result in suspension of entire school for future regattas. There is no fee for a Medical scratch upon receipt of a medical document.
  12. No shell will be allowed on the water unless shoes are equipped with a safety release (one hand quick release), and heels are tied down and a bow ball is in place, bow number clip is attached.
  13. Novice competitor is an athlete who has never competed in any regatta to prior to September 1 2023. the entire sweep or sculling crew including coxswains must be Novices as defined herein. However a  novice coxswain in last years event may compete as a novice oarsperson in this years event. There is no age classification for Novice Events.
  14.  Mixed events must be composed of 50% female and 50% male rowers
  15. Each event will have a maximum number of lanes available. Only one entry per school per event will be accepted, If there is room in any event a second entry can be made until the cap is met.
  16. Medical: The Chief Medical Officer or his/her staff have the authority to refuse any athlete the usage of the course if in their opinion the athlete is unfit to row.
  17. Unsportsmanlike Conduct which includes but is not limited to foul, abusive or profane language WILL NOT be permitted at the Regatta Site before, during or after any racing by Competitors or Team Officials, and that such Conduct may result in immediate Disqualification from the Race or future Races at the Discretion of the Regatta Chairman.


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