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Lifetime Service Award

In June 2005 on the occasion of our 60th Regatta, the CSSRA created a series of annual awards to recognize individuals and regatta partners for a “Lifetime of Service and Commitment to Secondary School Rowing”. Thirty individuals were recognized for their Contribution to High School Athlete/Rowing Development. An additional thirty individuals were recognized for their commitment as Volunteers and Officials for the CSSRA regatta. These awards were very well received and were greatly appreciated by those individuals who were recognized for their contributions to high school rowing.

In order for us to recognize additional deserving recipients on an annual basis we need secondary schools, clubs and organizations who support secondary school rowing to submit nominations on a yearly basis. Beginning in 2006, the awards will also be given posthumously to deserving coaches, staff advisors, officials and regatta volunteers.    

This year we seek your assistance in order to identify other deserving individuals who have served high school rowing in your area for a period of 25 years or more. The individuals that you may consider for nomination may be currently living or may be deceased. In your area and/or club there may be many individuals who have given a “Lifetime of Service” to local high school rowing and we would like to know about them. You may be a recent member of your club and may not know of your rowing club’s history. We ask you to make inquiries and present your clubs nominations to us, so that we can recognize these deserving individuals who have given a “Lifetime of Service” to high school rowing in your area.

There are two categories for the “Lifetime of Service” awards and the awards committee will accept your nomination(s) from the following areas:

  1.  Regatta Officials/Volunteers
  2. Contribution to High School Athlete/Rowing Development [Coach and/or Club Officials who promotes High School Rowing]:Some examples:
    1. Sponsoring inter-club High School Regattas in your club
    2. Sponsoring invitational High School Regattas in your club and area
    3. Sponsoring Developmental high School programs in the schools in your club area. Example, ergometer competitions or the like
    4. Contributing to the day to day operation of your Club for at least 25 years.

On behalf of the executive of the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association, we would like to thank you for your time and effort in assisting us to honor worthy individuals in your club or area with a CSSRA Lifetime Service Award.

If you require further clarification about the awards you should contact a director of the CSSRA or e-mail Kevin Monaco

Kevin Monaco
CSSRA Life Time Service Awards Committee


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    Award may not be given every year.

    For more information or to submit a nomination please contact Kevin Monaco


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