77th Annual CSSRA · May 31, June 1,2  2024



Champions Regatta Principles

Whereas the Association continues to strive for excellence and to make the Championship Regatta an event that is fair, safe and open to all secondary schools, and whereas the number of schools entering the regatta continues to increase, Be it resolved that the Championship Regatta shall operate under the following principles:


  • that the regatta will be open to all secondary schools from around the world
  • a student is considered a High School student, for the purpose of entry into this regatta, once they have enrolled fully into grade 9.
  • that there will be no limit to the number of schools that can enter;
  • that the schools will be restricted to a limit of two entries per event if space is available;
  • that competitors will be limited to entering a maximum of two events;
  • that coxswains can compete as a coxswain in a maximum of 3 events
  • that the coxswains of female or male crews can be of either sex;
  • that there will be a limitations on entries in each event with up to a maximum of sixty entries per event, Completed entries are received on a first come basis;
  • that the maximum age of a competitor shall be under nineteen years of age as at January 1st of the year of competition;


  • that the current system of heats or time trials, semi-finals and finals be used to determine the champions in each event;
  • that the draw be based on a seven lane course and that all finals will consist of six contestants; further, that if there are only seven entries in an event, there would be a seven boat final; eight-fourteen entries, would require two heats and a six boat Final, fifteen- twenty-one entries would require three heats and a six boat Final; twenty-two entries or more would require Time Trials and semi-finals and a six boat Final as per the progression rules.
  • that the regatta will not exceed three days in duration and that all finals will be held on the last day of the regatta; There will be no racing on the Monday for any reason.


  • that the gold, silver and bronze medallions be awarded to the first, second and third place competitors respectively and that the school and the coach of the winning crew receive a commemorative plaque;

MEDAL PRESENTATIONS: Will take place at the end of each Final.

The following Policy on Medal presentations will be in effect starting with the 2013 Championships:

  1. No crew will be allowed to return to the grandstand to pick up medals if they do not stop following their race;
  2. Medals will be mailed to the School following the regatta if they are not presented in the grandstand;
    Special consideration for medal presenting may be made by the Regatta Chair due to scheduling changes of the races.


  • that races will be held for the following boat types: the eight with coxswain (8+), the four with coxswain (4+), the quadruple sculls (4x), the coxed quadruple sculls (4x+)the double sculls (2x), the straight pair (2-)  and the single sculls (1x);
  • that there will be an equal number of events for female and male athletes;
  • that a junior aged competitor will be under 16 years of age as at January 1st of the year of competition;
  • that a senior aged competitor will be under 19 years of age as at January 1st of the year of competition;
  • that in 2022 there will be novice events and their is no age classification for novices;
  • that there will be two weight classes for the female and male crews in addition to the open weight class for female and male crews, further, that these restricted classes shall be 59 kilograms and 63 kilograms for women, and 66 kilograms and 72.5 kilograms for men;
  • that the restricted weight classes will be defined as the maximum weight per athlete in the boat and that there will be no averaging of the crews weight to determine eligibility;
  • that the minimum weight of a coxswain shall be 45 kilograms for female and male coxswains regardless of whether they are in a female or male event;
  • that there shall be 42 events at the regatta and they shall be as follows,

These events were amended for the 2022 Championship Regatta:

Junior Women 59 kg 4x+
Junior Women 63 kg 4+, 8+
Junior Women 1x, 2x, 4x+, 4+, 8+
Junior Men 66 kg 4x+
Junior Men 72.5 kg 4+, 8+
Junior Men 1x, 2x, 4x+, 4+, 8+
Novice Women 63 kg 4x+,
Novice Women 4x+, 8+
Senior Women 63 kg 1x, 2x, 4+,
Senior Women 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4+, 8+
Novice Men 4x+, 8+
Novice Men 72 kg 4x+
Senior Men 72.5 kg 1x, 2x, 4+,
Senior Men 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4+ 8+
Mixed 2x, 4x



Effective for the 2023 Championship Regatta There will be NO Efficiency Banners presented.

Effective 2014 CSSRA is changing the regatta’s scoring system to an efficiency based system and awarding two team trophies; a men’s (the Bob Pearce Trophy) and a women’s (The Bobby Rosenfield).

In the new system all boat classes (eights, fours, quads, doubles and singles) are weighted equally. The 2014 scoring system is detailed in the rules section of the website.

The CSSRA believes that the new efficiency system will provide an exciting opportunity for all schools to compete for one or both of the trophies and increase participation at their school as they set their sights on capturing the trophies.


The Progression system being used during the CSSRA Championships is as following:

• All events with less than 22 entries will have heats and the 6 fastest times will advance to the Finals. These crews will be progressed by there times with the fastest time in Lane 5 then 4,3,6,7and 2

• Events with 22 to 35 entries will have Time Trials  and up to 14 fastest times advancing to the semi’s. Crews will be progressed by times as,

Lane  2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Semi #1                12th  8th  4th  1st  5th  9th  14th
Semi #2      11th  7th  3rd  2nd  6th  10th  13th

Crews will be placed in the Final by there Times in the semi-final,

LANE 2 3 4 5 6 7
6th FSTs 3rd FSTs 2nd FSTs 1st FSTs 4th FSTs 5th FSTs

• Events with 36 to 60 entries will have Time Trials and 3 semi-finals  and up to 21  fastest times advancing to the semi’s. Crews will be seeded by times as,

LANE      2













Semi #1



12th  6th  1st  7th  13th  21st 
Semi #2




 11th  5th  2nd  8th  14th  20th
Semi #3




10th 4th 3rd 9th 15th 19th

Crews will be placed in the final by there Times in the semi-final,

LANE 2 3 4 5 6 7
6th FSTs 3rd FSTs 2nd FSTs 1st FSTs 4th FSTs 5th FSTs


All events with time trials will be raced as 1500meter head race. Top crews in the time trials will advance to the Semi-finals, depending on the number of entries in the event.

Crews start with intervals of 30 seconds between boats: 1 minute between boats in the same lane

Even number crews row in lane 4, odd number crews in lane 5

Any crew crossing the course during time trials will be excluded

All crews must have their assigned number securely fastened to the bow of the shell


Upon arriving at the starting area, the marshals will direct you either into the chute for your TT or to the warm up area.

It is your responsibility to be in numerical order, staying behind the numbers lower than yours and ahead of the numbers higher.

Every effort will be made by the marshals to send crews down the chute in ascending numerical order, but this can only happen with your cooperation.

When directed into the chutes proceed quickly and safely

As you approach the chute a marshal will be stationed in the middle of the course, between lanes 4 and 5

Odd numbers boats will keep the marshal to their port side and even numbers to the starboard side

Crews shall be responsible for maintaining their proper order at the start, for maintaining the proper interval between the other crews in the chutes, and for staying within the chutes as they approach the starting line.

Crews not maintaining their proper position may be delayed, moved to the end of the starting order, penalized, or excluded.

The starter will tell you that you are approaching the start line

Stay in your lane for the entire race, except for broken equipment or to yield to an overtaking boat.


Move to lane 3 or lane 6 



A crew is deemed to be overtaking another crew when it has moved to within one length of open water of the crew ahead.

A crew being overtaken shall move to lane 3 or lane 6 to allow the overtaking crew to pass

Any crew failing to yield to an overtaking crew will be Excluded

Course marshals will give instructions as set forth in the Rowing Canada Rules of Racing. Should it be necessary to exclude a crew during a race, the marshal will raise a white flag and order the crew to stop. A crew so ordered shall quickly move out of its lane sa as not to interfere with any other crew.  




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