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63 Main St.
St. Catharines

75th Annual CSSRA June 3-5 • 2022

About Us

The Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association was formed to organize and run the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Championships. The founding members were Claude Saunders, Doug Wells, Harry Kaysmith, Norm Adams, Dr. Tice and Alec Champion.

CSSRA Board of Directors


President Kevin Monaco
1st Vice President Mike Purcer
2nd Vice President Tom Blacquire
3rd Vice President Kate Dirks
Past President Linda Dirks
Secretary James Ingram
Treasurer Cesare Marchese
Directors Bill Ross
Debbie MacGregor
Peter Scott
Ken Campbell
Dave Pelette
Regatta Committee
All board members plus
Regatta Chair Ken Campbell
Umpires Rich Neufeld
Office Linda Dirks
Dock Charlie Riches
Boat Drivers James Webb
Safety Boats Kevin Boyes
Medical Jeanne Pawluk
Timing Rick Hughes, Elaine Manocha
Grandstand Greg Pinder
Boat Holders Nancy DiPasqual, Jordan Kasza
Course Facilities Malcolm Walker
Registration Al Shynal
Weigh-ins Bill Ross
Trophies Tom Blacquiere
Programs Debbie MacGregor
Technology Peter Scott, Serge Paquin
Island Admissions Kate Hingston
Grandstand Admissions Ginny Rigby
Hospitality Tents Sue Erskine
Vendors Jordan Burtnik
Media Boats Rhys Jenkins, Mark Jenkins
Media Relations Renate Hodges
C.H.R.C. Wayne Dick


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