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75th Annual CSSRA June 3-5 • 2022

2022 Regatta Notices & Updates



May 30 2022

Important Information for the Championship weekend: 

The Regatta OFFICE:

Will be open on Thursday June2nd 2pm to 7pm for Registration and Name Changes

Friday June 3rd 7am to 4pm for Name Changes

Saturday June 4th 6am to 4pm for Name Changes and for those that applied for the travel Bursary 10am to noon

Sunday June 5th 6am to 7:45

No Name Changes will be accepted after 4pm the day prior to the first race in that event.


 Practice Times:

As Long as we have enough volunteers for Safety boat coverage the course will be open for Team practices:


Thursday June 2nd 8am to 7:30pm

Friday June 3rd 5:45 t0 9am crews off by 9:30 12:15 to 7:30

Saturday June 4th 5:45 to 7am crews off the water by 7:30, 4:15 to 7:30pm

Sunday June 5th 5:45 to 7am crews off by 7:30

ALL Practice Times are weather permitting and enough safety boat coverage.


Friday June 3rd 8am to 10am

Saturday June 4th 7am to 11am 

Sunday June 5th 6am to 8am  

Medal Winners: 

The CSSRA board is excited to have our student athletes returning to the Henley course for the 75th CSSRA Championships. With COVID -!9 still being prevalent, the CSSRA Board has made the decision to take a cautious approach for the presentation of medals on Sunday June 5th.

In an attempt to ensure appropriate separation of crews on the grandstand and on the dais, crews are being asked to strictly follow the instructions below;

1) to remain seated in their boats until given instructions by a CSSRA representative to get out of their boat,

2) immediately go to the area of the grandstand as instructed by the CSSRA representative,

3) Refrain from any contact (such as embracing, shaking hands with any individual or crew other than members of their own crew,   

4) For the medal presentation, the medals will be presented on a tray. Each Athlete will take one medal and place around their neck. They will not present it to other teammates,

5) After receiving their medals, crews will immediately return to their boat, push off without delay and return to Henley Island.

We hope at the 76th CSSRA Regatta we will be able to return to amore traditional presentation of Medals and Trophies.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we wish best of luck to all competitors at this years event.   








At a special meeting of the Board of Directors the following matters have been agreed for the Canadian secondary Schools Rowing Association (“CSSRA”) 2022 Championships.

Novice Events – A Novice is a competitor who has never competed in any regatta prior to September 1, 2021. The entire sweep or sculling crew including coxswain must be Novices as defined herein. There is no age classification for Novice Event. Novice Events at the 2022 CSSRA Regatta will be the Novice Men and Women Eights, Novice Men 72kg Coxed Quad and the Novice Women 63kg Coxed Quad.

 Authorized Entries – Competitors in the CSSRA 2022 Championship Regatta may be entered into the Regatta by either their high school (as in the past together with that school’s Principal certification of the alpha list) or by their rowing club official. All crew and sculling competitors must attend the same high school and be in full time attendance at that high school. The rowing club official must certify the alpha list. Composite crews are not allowed. Rowing club entries may need to show proof of attendance for the competitors. Any Teams found to have ineligible competitors will be disqualified and their entire high school team be disqualified as well.

Junior Quad Events – All Junior Quad events will be changed to Coxed Quads

COVID-19 Protocol – As of today all competitors, coaches, spectators, team support, volunteers and CSSRA Regatta Officials attending the Regatta will be required to be fully vaccinated according to public health guidelines. Proof of vaccination and photo identification will be required to access the regatta site and Grandstand. CSSRA will continue to follow guidelines from the Ontario Ministry of Health, Niagara Regional Public Health, The City of St. Catharines, Rowing Canada Aviron, Row Ontario and the Canadian Henley Rowing Corporation. The Canadian Government will determine Border crossing rules.

 Mixed Events – The Mixed Events must be composed of 50% female rowers and 50% male rowers

Entry Fees – Entry fees for Events will be Eights $85, Cox Four and Cox Quad $65, Quad $60, Pair and Double $50 and the Single $45. These Vent Fees remain unchanged from the 2019 Regatta. All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Entry Cap – Each Event will have a limitation of entries, an individual Event Cap. One crew or sculler from each high school Team will receive an entry in an Event if they enter that Event on time and the Event Cap has not been met. Once the Event Cap is met then all future entries will go on a waitlist. If a Team enters 2 crews in the same Event, the designated priority crew will be placed into the Event if space is available or on a waitlist and the second crew will be placed on the waitlist. At the close of Event entry deadline, if there is space remaining in that event then the waitlist will be used to fill the open lanes. A Team that does not have a first crew in the Event will be placed into the Event before a team with a second crew may be placed  into the Event.

Time Trial Heats – For events with 22 or more entries, CSSRA will hold Time Trial Heats on Friday June 3, 2022. For fairness, these Time Trial Heats will be 1500 meters in length commencing at the 500 metre pylon on the Henley Course. This will allow crews to stage safely above the 500 metre pylon and be able to row into the start of their Time trial.   

Efficiency Banner Award – There will be no Efficiency Banners presented for the 2022 Regatta.         

CSSRA Board of Directors







It’s been a long two years without any Major Canadian rowing regattas. We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association (hereinafter CSSRA) has almost completed our plans for the 75th Annual CSSRA Championship Regatta to be held in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada on June 3-5 2022 and we take this opportunity to set out for you some of the rule changes we have adopted for the Regatta.

In recognition of the current state of our sport and its changing ways, the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association has been actively pursuing an inclusive path that will promote participation in the High School rowing programs in Canada. High School rowing programs are void of the past two intake athletes and most schools will require the need to rebuild the foundations of their rowing programs.

CSSRA proposes to jump-start High School rowing in Canada with these changes to our Regatta format and rules;

  • Competitors in the 75th Annual CSSRA Championships may be entered into the Regatta by either their High School Principal, or, by their associated Rowing Club Official,
  • ALL crew competitors MUST attend/represent the same high school, no composite crews are permitted and all competitors are in full time attendance in the same high school.
  • Proof of school registration may be required at the CSSRA Championships.
  • List of event and category changes are as follows:
    • CHANGED: All Junior Women’s and Men’s Quads will now be a Coxed Quad.
    • NEW: Novice Men Eight, Novice Women Eight, Novice Women 63kg Coxed Quad, Novice Men 72 kg Coxed Quad, Mixed Double & Mixed Quad   
    • REMOVED: Sr. Men 72kg Eight, Sr. Women 63kg Eight, Sr Women 59kg Quad & Sr Men 66kg Quad
    • Each school will be permitted no more than two entries per event, subject to any limitation of entries in this event.
    • Coxswain’s will be permitted to compete in no more than three events.
    • Each event will have limitations of total entries based on past entry information                                                                                      As soon as the detailed planning of the schedule, progression rules and changes have been finalized, all changed and further details will be posted at cssra.ca and on the official registrars web site.                                                                                                       We hope and anticipate these proposed changes will encourage participation and assist your School or Club in jump-starting our sport at the High School level.

We are looking forward to hosting you and you’re rowing families for some great High School rowing at next years 75th Annual CSSRA Championship Regatta on June 3-5 2022

CSSRA Board of Directors

September 6, 2021